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Do you ever wonder why so many wisdom teeth need to be removed? Do you wonder if your wisdom teeth should be pulled? Of course, we recommend visiting a dentist for a professional opinion, but we’re happy to offer you a few signs you can watch out for.

  • When teeth come through gums, they can leave a small space where food can lodge. If this happens, you will have more bacteria in your mouth, which could lead to an infection. These spaces can even occur of the tooth is impacted. Also, the food inside the area could be difficult to adequately clean. If you have several consecutive infections, you may need to remove your wisdom teeth.
  • When your wisdom teeth grow under your other teeth, it may cause your teeth to shift. This can lead to pressure in your mouth and cause damage to your other teeth. If this is the case, the eruption of your wisdom tooth could shift the rest of your team. In fact, if this situation is left untreated, any dental work you’ve had could be undone.
  • If a tooth is impacted, it has not fully erupted and has become stuck. This especially problematic if your tooth has partially emerged, but is impacted. If this happens, your tooth could be vulnerable to tooth decay, problems with gum disease, and to a variety of serious infections.

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