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Have you heard that when you’re fitted for a crown, it usually takes at least two appointments? Oral crowns need to be very tough, so creating them takes some time. Learn more about the second visit associated with dental crowns by reading on.
After your first fitting appointment, we will ship your oral impression to a dental workshop that will create the final dental crown, and we will plan you a second appointment to install the crown once we have received it from the laboratory. During this application visit, Dr. Bennett R. Shanker will check the fit, shape and shade of the permanent crown to make sure that it’s an awesome fit for you. (Because dental crowns are so vital, we have to make sure that they’re of the greatest quality. Only the greatest for our patients!) If the permanent crown passes our quality test, we will numb your tooth one more time and adhere the dental crown into your oral cavity. We may also set up a later visit at a later date to ensure that your new dental crown is performing appropriately.
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