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Sometimes a small cavity can form in the contours of a tooth or the spaces between two teeth, without immediately affecting the tooth’s biting surface. If you skip one of your regularly scheduled dental checkups the area of tooth decay can go undetected. As it continues to penetrate into the tooth the bacterial presence can infiltrate the root and underlying gum tissues.

Early indicators of a problem like this often include a gradually worsening toothache and potential pressure in the surrounding periodontal tissues. If you have noticed any of these symptoms, you need to seek timely treatment from a dentist like Dr. Bennett R. Shanker as soon as possible.

In some of these cases a buildup of bacterial fluid in the gums can lead to significant complications. Without professional treatment, the dental abscess could exacerbate causing the infection to pass into your bloodstream.

Our dentist may need to perform a root canal which might also involve draining the fluid from the dental abscess. A treatment plan like this will also involve creating a dental abutment which will eventually support a dental crown restoration.

If necessary he might also provide you with a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication. Taking them as directed will help eliminate any lingering infection while the treated tissues heal.

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