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The natural processes of aging can rob the teeth in your smile of their luster. Stains from dark foods, beverages, or tobacco use can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. Fortunately, Dr. Bennett R. Shanker has the training and experience necessary to help you understand the whitening products or treatments needed to give you back and white and winning smile.

Brushing your teeth twice a day with a brand of whitening toothpaste, is a popular way to reduce minor stains on the teeth in your smile. Just keep in mind that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide whitening agents in whitening toothpastes will not be strong enough to whiten moderate or deeply stained teeth.

Before purchasing a particular brand of whitening toothpaste, you should American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal represents that the toothpaste has been researched and tested to meet rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

Deeply stained teeth can’t be effectively brightened by whitening toothpaste. Dr. Bennett R. Shanker offers a dental bleaching treatment designed to safely and effectively whiten the teeth in your smile. You can then brush your teeth daily with a whitening toothpaste to help maintain that smile.

If you would like to explore your options for safely whitening your smile, you should call Dr. Bennett R. Shanker’s office in Bridgeton, New Jersey at 856-455-1183 to set up a consultation.