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Have you or anyone you know ever suffered from a dry mouth? The truth is, although dry mouth is not a disease, it is a medical disorder that can have negative consequences on your oral health, including promoting gum disease. Dry mouth is treatable, but it is important to get to the underlying root causes of the symptom, including its risk factors and causes.

Dry mouth is often a side effect of medications. Although medications that you are taking may be necessary for your oral health, it is important to avoid those that contain dry mouth as much as possible. If you do suffer from dry mouth, help keep your mouth clean with daily oral health care cleaning habits, including brushing and flossing.

Dry mouth is dangerous for your oral health because it lowers your ability to produce saliva. Saliva is a substance within your mouth that is created to help facilitate the functions of chewing and swallowing. Furthermore, saliva also helps to neutralize acids in your mouth that seek to destroy your tooth enamel. In addition, saliva can wash away harmful bacteria and debris that may arise within your mouth.

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