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A smile that has been stained by dark foods and beverages, tobacco, or the general passage of time can leave you feeling self-conscious. Many people in a situation like this reach out to Dr. Bennett R. Shanker to understand their options for whitening their smile. One way to brighten minor surface stains is to use whitening strips in Bridgeton, New Jersey.

The clear, plastic strips have been treated with a special topical form of hydrogen peroxide. You can conveniently wear them as you go about your day, and the casual observer won’t even notice you have them on your teeth. When using the strips, you need to avoid drinking, eating and using tobacco products.

When you’re shopping for whitening strips, you should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This means that the product in question has been reviewed, tested and researched to meet rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

It’s worth noting that the concentration of topical hydrogen peroxide on whitening strips is only strong enough to brighten minor surface stains on tooth enamel. Deep stains from regularly consuming dark foods and drinks and using tobacco can only be safely and effectively whitened by your dentist’s dental bleaching treatment.

If you have teeth suffering from staining issues, you should not delay in calling Shanker Dental at 856-455-1183 to explore your whitening options.