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One of the greatest threats our mouths face are acids capable of chewing through tooth enamel. There are some foods that carry sugars and carbohydrates that, when broken down by bacteria present in our mouths, can turn these substances into those forms of acids.

Make smiles better with healthier eating habits. Here are some excellent food and snack choices to help fight against tooth enamel loss:

– Sugarless gum is great for your teeth because studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for longer than twenty minutes can stimulate saliva flow, which can prevent cavities.

– Various foods that contain calcium and phosphorous can re-mineralize teeth and their protection of tooth enamel. These includes cheeses, meats (especially chicken), nuts, and milk.

– Crunchy fruits, such as apples and pears, have been shown to have extra high water content, which can be beneficial for washing away acids and food particles, as well as increase the production of saliva.

– Always eat a variety of foods to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Try to avoid between-meal snacking and foods that are high in sugar.

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