I have a toothache. How can you help?

An infection in the tooth can cause pain and pressure. Usually, Dr. Bennett R. Shanker will treat a toothache with root canal treatment. Our dentist will remove the infected dental pulp, bacteria, and debris. The tooth is cleaned out using root canal files and then our dentist will seal the tooth. Often, a dental crown is placed to support the tooth.

Some of my teeth are missing. What can you do?

At Shanker Dental, we have many solutions for missing teeth. If you are missing just one, or a few teeth, our dentist may place a dental bridge to close the gap in your smile. Dental implant restorations can also be used to provide you with fully functional, beautiful tooth replacements. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, dentures may be recommended. A denture is a removable appliance that restores missing teeth and the surrounding tissues.

What are my payment options?

Dr. Bennett R. Shanker and our dental team in Bridgeton, New Jersey, welcome new patients! At Shanker Dental, we are in network with several dental insurances. We will also accept and file most dental insurances. For your convenience, we accept CareCredit and we offer in-house financing for those without dental insurance.

What can be done for yellow teeth?

Dr. Bennett R. Shanker offers our patients ColgateĀ® take-home teeth whitening. You will be supplied with custom-made bleaching trays and the Colgate whitening solution. Wear your trays with the bleach as prescribed by our dentist.

Can I bring my whole family?

Yes. At Shanker Dental, we are thrilled to treat patients of all ages. We work hard to provide you and your family with the gentle, dental care you deserve.