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Even with effective oral hygiene habits and pristine dental health, dental problems such as tooth loss can significantly affect your smile. While there are numerous tooth replacement services that can return your smile, dental bridges are one of the few that can fill large gaps caused by tooth loss. If you are considering receiving a dental bridge, here are some benefits to be aware of:

– Dental bridges prevent the drifting of healthy teeth on either side of the gap.

– Dental bridges restore your bite and ability to chew. Many patients find that the comfort of dental bridges when eating is greater than that of removable denture partials.

– Replacing missing teeth improves your speech ability and and articulation, all the while providing greater self-esteem when you talk or smile.

– You can achieve a cleaner and more aesthetic look than you would otherwise be able to enjoy with damaged or missing teeth.

– By placing a dental bridge, you can retain the stability of your bite and fortify your jawline.

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