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Does your child make a fuss every time you ask them to brush their teeth? If so, we have some ways you can make brushing fun for them and for you!

First, have your child hum a tune while they brush. This is a great way for your child to not only have fun, but to also time their brushing. Find a two minute song and have your child hum it all the way through. While they brush, they can become more involved by moving their lips, tongue, and jaw in different positions. This will allow your child to get different angles of their mouth, which will result in more effective brushing. So, help your child have fun with this! Be a two-man, or woman, band and have fun while you brush!

Second, convince your child that they are a bubble machine. While they brush, ask them to make as many bubbles as possible with their brush and toothpaste! The more bubbles they make, the more effectively the toothpaste is being released into the mouth, which will successfully clean your child’s teeth and gums.

Third, make brushing the teeth a family activity. Have the whole family go into the bathroom together, face the mirror, and brush together. You can also make it even more fun by brushing each other’s teeth! If you have a pet, feel free to add them to the fun as well!

Fourth, play music while your child brushes. You can get a cheap stereo and put it on the bathroom counter. As your child brushes their teeth, play a two minute song and let them sing and dance to the music!

Fifth, use an hourglass timer rather than a digital timer. Kids are fascinated by hourglass timers when they are young, and it makes brushing much more exciting when they watch the sand drop from one section of the glass to the other.

If you would like to try more fun ways of brushing, call our office today and schedule an appointment with our dentist. We are more than happy to help you and your child make oral hygiene a fun daily activity!