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Do you have a missing tooth? If left unchecked, a missing tooth could continue to damage your smile by introducing further issues such as jaw bone weakening, and infections. Your best option for optimum oral health is to fill in the void as soon as possible. A dental bridge is a common tooth replacement service, used to fill empty gaps in your smile caused by lost or missing teeth.

The reason a missing tooth can damage your smile goes far beyond aesthetics. If your jaw has no teeth to hold on to, it will weaken and eventually deteriorate. Tooth loss will loosen your gums and can cause other teeth in the area to move or slide out of position. The void can also harbor harmful bacteria and other germs that can be difficult to wash away. All these are great reasons to consider dental bridges.

Dental bridges work by applying an artificial replacement directly to the missing gap in your smile. The dental bridges are directly attached to nearby teeth, without the need to be held in place by bonding cement or screws– thus, “bridging” the gap between the two. This is an extremely durable hold. With the proper care, a dental bridge can keep your smile strong for a lifetime! If your bridge somehow gets damaged, it can be replaced as needed. Consult your dentist at Shanker Dental to see if dental bridges are right for you!

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