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A large cavity that goes untreated will inevitably spread to compromise more and more of the tooth. In time, the decay can penetrate deep into the tooth, compromising the pulp and root. This could result in total tooth loss or so much damage that Dr. Bennett R. Shanker can’t save it by performing a root canal.

To restore the tooth, we might recommend a dental bridge. A dental bridge in Bridgeton, New Jersey, is a single piece of dental work that mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. It is usually made of two dental crowns and one false tooth, and it will eventually be anchored on abutments formed from the two neighboring teeth.

Your dentist will create the two abutments by removing the majority of the enamel layer on each of the anchoring teeth. The dental crowns will surround the healthy pulp and root and will later anchor the bridge in place.

A detailed impression will be made of the two abutments and all other pertinent teeth in the area. This impression we be sent to the dental lab where your permanent bridge will be made. Temporary crowns will then be cemented over each abutment to protect it while you await the completion of your permanent bridge.

When the bridge is ready, we will call you to schedule a second appointment. This session will be brief. Your dentist will simply remove the temporary crowns and cement your bridge firmly onto the abutments.

If you have lost a tooth to untreated tooth decay, you should call Shanker Dental at 856-455-1183 to see if you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge.