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Unfortunately, fillings don’t last forever. If you lose a large filling and the problem isn’t immediately addressed, it can allow decay to spread deep into the tooth. Sometimes the area of decay can be so extensive that it results in the total loss of the tooth.

One of the most effective ways to restore the function and appearance of a lost or compromised tooth is to replace it with a dental bridge. A dental bridge in Bridgeton, New Jersey, looks like a natural tooth but it is fused to two crowns that are anchored to the two closest teeth.

Your Shanker Dental dentist will start your treatment by removing the majority of the enamel from the two anchoring teeth. Then, an impression will be made of the abutments. This impression will be sent to a dental lab and will be used as a guide for our professional dental lab technicians who make your new bridge.

Next, your Shanker Dental dental team will cement a temporary crown over each abutment to protect it while the dental lab works on your permanent bridge.

We will call you in for a second appointment once the lab has completed your bridge. During this appointment, your dentist will remove the temporary crowns and cement your bridge into place.

If you’ve recently lost a filling, or if you have a badly decayed tooth, you should not delay in calling Shanker Dental at 856-455-1183 to explore your treatment and restoration options. Dr. Bennett R. Shanker looks forward to helping you!