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If you ever wonder why dental cleaning appointments are recommended every six months, then our dentist, Dr. Bennett R. Shanker, is more than happy to help you. The sooner you understand the importance of your dental checkups, the sooner you’ll make the appointments a priority. Dental cleanings are vital for your oral health and smile. They can do many things to benefit you, like:

-Remove dangerous substances, like plaque and tartar, from your teeth and gumline (This helps you avoid major dental issues, like tooth decay and periodontal disease.)

-Strengthen your tooth enamel and help you avoid enamel erosion and cavities (The fluoride treatment can do this because the mineral soaks into the enamel and hardens it.)

-Brighten your smile (The polishing and brushing treatment can remove minor surface stains from your tooth enamel to give you a better-looking smile.)

-Help you have a better overall health (This is because the cleaning helps you avoid gum disease, and gum disease has been found to be linked to many health issues, like diabetes and heart disease.)

Do you have any questions about dental cleanings in Bridgeton, New Jersey, or would you like to schedule your next appointment? If so, our dental team is more than happy to help you. All you need to do is contact Shanker Dental at 856-455-1183 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!